Culinary experience in Solo – Central Java


One of my most favourite activities during my leisure is hunting some yummy foods. My old town during my high school time was Solo, a city in central Java region that has an ancient cultural back ground of Mataram dynasty and has plenty of unique and tasty foods..

Some of those menus are heritage from old kingdom time and are delicious to try for.. So, whenever I got time to visit my old town I wont miss that chance.. hmm.. just bring back the old-time .

As I browsing in internet, I got some articles, websites and blogs that match with them.. Hope it will give me more new lists to explore next time.. a new experience too.


Solo as a city of culture, tourism and trading, is one of tourism destinations in Central Java that cannot be missed. There have been many tourists come to Solo or Kota Bengawan. Among the tourism objects in Solo, culinary is one of appeals that has a power to attract the tourists. Solo, the so-called Sleepless City, invites you to enjoy various traditional foods which are offered in unique styles Every where in any corner in this town, you are greeted with any kind of foods.
Let’s begin the culinary challenge in Solo, Kota Bengawan.
SELAT SOLO, we can found it at many restaurants or waroeng.
It’s a mix vegetables, sliced beef meat, boiled egg, marinated with light dressing sweet, soar and a bit spicy soya ketchup sauce and mayonnaise. The taste is light creamy freshly, fit as an appetizer.
Warung Klengkeng, Keprabon – Buka mulai sore hingga malam.
Warung Wedang dongo, Balong – buka malam hari.
Minuman hangat beraroma jahe ini mirip dengan Wedang Ronde. Wedang Dongo Terdiri dari bulatan yang terbuat dari tepung ketan yang berisi kacang tumbuk dan irisan kolang kaling. Kemudian campuran ini disiram dengan air jahe manis.
This kind of beverage has ginger aroma. Like wedang ronde, Wedang Dongo consists of glutinous rice balls with peanut crushed fill and kolang kaling (fruit of palm tree). The contents are sewed together with sweet ginger beverage.
Sebelahan utara Kretek Gantung, Lodji Wetan.
Dijual pagi hari dengan cara dipikul berkeliling kampong.
Tahok, makanan yang konon berasal dari China ini terdiri dari ampas kedelai yang menggumpal seperti agar-agar lembek, kemudian disiram dengan kuah dari campuran gula dan jahe sehingga terasa hangat.
Sold at the northern side of Kretek Gantung Lodji Wetan, it is sold in the morning by using small cans hanging on the ropes tight on a stick where the seller can carry it on his shoulder. Tahok originally comes from China. It is made of soya deposit which is then processed until it becomes lumpy and soft like white pudding. It is served with the mixing of ginger beverage and palm sugar.
Abon Sapi & Ayam Varia, Jl. Coyudan 114 -Buka jam 09.00, minggu tutup.
Toko ini menjual abon sapi & ayam yang lezat dan juga aneka oleh-oleh lainnya.
open 09.00 am. closed on Sunday
sell chicken and cow abons (seasoning meat in fibers) and other traditional foods.
Soto ng’Gading, Jl. Brigjend. Sudiarjo Gading -Sukadari jam 07.30. 
Soto yang disajikan langsung bersama nasi putih dalam satu mangkok. Tersedia juga berbagai lauk sangat komplet di meja-meja pengunjung. dengan rasanya yang khas. warung soto ini selalu jadi tujuan wisata kuliner bagi wisatawan yang berkunjung ke solo.
Soto is served with rice in a bowl. There are side dishes to complete the menu.
Roti Kecik Ganep, Jl. Sutan Syahrir 176 Tambaksegaran.
Toko roti yang mempunyai produk khas yaitu Roti kecik, sejenis roti kering yang berbentuk stick sebesar ibu jari. Berbahan baku tepung ketan dan beraroma kayu manis.
Sell special cookies called Kecik. it is as big as a thumb, made of glutinous rice flour and cinnamon.
Mandarijn dan Toko Roti Orion, Jl. Urip Sumoharjo.
Orion adalah toko roti yang telah berumur puluhan tahun dan dikenal sebagai toko roti tertua dikota Solo.
It sells Mandarijn cake. Which is famous for its taste. The shop is known as the eldest cake shop in Solo.
Bakpia Balong, dikampung Balong sebelah timur Pasar Gede. Buka jam 09.00.
Toko ini menjual bakpia yang enak dan tahan lama, dengan berbagai rasa seperti kacang hijau, kacang hitam dan coklat
Sell special cake called bakpia. It is delicious and durable. It has various taste like peanut and chocolate.
New culinary icon in Solo
Gladag Langen Bogan is a new icon in Solo that expresses Solo as one of tourism destination towns. The food service that opens only at night offers various traditional food and beverage which have become legend in this town.The visitors or tourists may easily enjoy food and beverage like thengkleng, sate kere, mie thoprak, wedang ronde, wedang dongo and many other of these kinds in Gladag Langen Bogan that locates along the main road in front of Pusat Grosir Solo and Beteng Trade Center Gladag.
The food service Gladag Langen Bogan opens at 17.00-24.00 WIB when the main road is closed for the traffic. The night culinary lovers may visit and enjoy Solo atmosphere at night by walking along Gladag Northern Square. On week-end, the visitors are not only be offered by the food and beverage but they may also enjoy live music for free in this placeDeclared officially on Sunday night, April 13th 2008. The existence of Gladag Langen Bogan as a night culinary tourism emphasizes more the so-called Solo as the sleepless city.

Gladag Langen Began is a culinary that opens only at night. It is located at the eastern part of Gladag square, or exactly in front of Beteng Trade Center and Pusat Grosir Solo on Jl. Mayor Sunaryo. At the northern side, it is bordered by historical site Vastenburg Fortress. The road is used as a main road during the day, but it is closed at night to operate the culinary arena.

Every night, Langen Bogan is always full of visitors either from local people or people from out-of-town who are curious about Solo night culinary tourism. If you plan to spend night in Solo, please visit Langen Bogan to have the various options of traditional food with its particular taste and enjoy the hospitality of food sellers in this place.

Other than just food fiesta, Solo also offers many more attractive events. I can find them in websites,  or

just have a look.. it might be useful for your next trip..

Let’s explore the experiences…


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